The Saga of Angus McOatup

Some photos from a 4-player Saga scenario played at the club. Link to scenario at the end.

The Calm before the storm, the village of Invercockaleekie is serene.

The initial conflict between Snorri’s Vikings and Baron Robert’s Normans left few survivors.

Hard to believe this lone Viking survived the volley from these crossbowmen.

Ketil’s Vikings close in on the village.

Chaos in the centre of the village, Norman Knights, Scots spears, Snorri the Viking and village militia.

Snorri’s Vikings get down to the business of looting and burning, Scots hurry to intervene.

Thane Angus, his personal chaplain and pet haggis en route to collect the taxes.

Invercockaleekie burning

The side of the village nearest the Vikings bore the brunt of the attack.

The Scenario rules and Player briefings can be found here (spoilers obviously!):

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