“Al-Madina” – A 15mm Middle Eastern town

This is the beginning of a project to build a fairly generic Middle-Eastern town. The focus will be around Crusades era, but many of the buildings should be usable up to modern era. The idea is to try and add as much realism and character as possible to the buildings, and eventually achieve a sizeable town. Here are a few photos of some of the initial buildings:

Small market

Composite building

High status residence


Front and rear view of one half of a street section.

Front and rear view of one half of a poorer district street section

A couple of oases.

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3 Responses to “Al-Madina” – A 15mm Middle Eastern town

  1. Barks says:

    I really like the market and the pots and scaffolding. Nice work all round!

  2. obipobobi says:

    Looks really good. I would like to see them arranged on the gaming table.

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