Building an Insurgency part 3

Part 3. More figures and inevitable mission creep.
Some more manufacturers to consider for Taliban:

^Flashpoint Taliban

Flashpoint Miniatures. These figures are really nice, the detail is a bit fine but they certainly paint up well. They only do the one bag of 28 figures, including 2 RPGs a couple of machine guns and the rest with AKs.

^Irregular. Massoud far left.

Irregular Miniatures. This range is more 80’s Mujahideen than 21st century Taliban, but there are a few figures in shalwar kameez that can be used. The figures can be bought singly and there is some head variation within each figure code. The commander is obviously based on the ‘Lion of the Panshir,’ Ahmed Shah Massoud, and the figures similarly look Panshiri for the most part.

Finally, I got some Old Glory vehicle crews for the Peter Pig Toyotas:

^ MJ crew at top, others Old Glory

The Old Glory crew also came in handy for tank crew:

^ Khurasan T-55 with Old Glory vehicle crew. Commander from Afghan Irregular weapons pack.

Inevitably with any project, after a year the focus widened from post 2001 Afghanistan, both into more generic Middle-East options and back into the Afghan-Soviet War of the 1980’s.

^Flytrap Middle-Eastern Regulars

Flytrap Factory make a nice set of generic Middle-Eastern type ‘regulars.’ Nicely sculpted and with plenty of character.

^Rebel Minis military contractors. Cheap car from China.

Rebel Minis do various useful modern types, including these Military Contractors. Again, the detail is quite fine, but the figures are nice.

^Khurasan Soviet Motor Rifles.

For 80’s Soviets, I went for Khurasan. Although the uniforms are a little early to be used in anything other than the start of the conflict, I really like Khurasan figures so it was a no-brainer. The Soviets appear to be a different designer from the ultra-moderns however. They are a bit thinner, and consequently don’t have the same level of facial detail.

The next thing is to do some 80’s DRA Afghan Army. I’m going to use the Old Glory generic Middle-Eastern Infantry, though Peter Pig make some figures that would be more appropriate.

Some thoughts in conclusion
It’s a lot harder to do Modern Afghanistan in 15mm than it appears to be in 28mm, but for reasons of space and getting more use from buildings it had to be 15mm for me. It’s pretty inevitable that several different manufacturers will need to be visited, particularly when it comes to heavy weapons.
One thing I’ve found out is that it’s really difficult to get a good idea about 15mm figure quality from photos. You really have to take a punt sometimes and see them ‘in the metal.’ The other, curious, thing is that everyone who makes Taliban seems to do most of the figures in Pakol caps rather than turbans. I’ve no idea why.

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