THE BATTLE OF ERAT. (An AK47 Republic game).

All was not well in the Islamic Emirate of Dafuqistan. The Islamist government of the Mudarisun  struggled to exert power beyond their southern heartland and the capital, Kaboom (background of the Mudarisun is covered in the previous article here). Following the breakdown in negotiations for an American oil company to build a pipeline across Dafuqistan, the US government suddenly noticed the Mudarisun’s oppression of women and led calls for international sanctions. Emboldened by this, armed Shia groups in the Western city of Erat rose in rebellion, calling on the government of Iran for aid.

Tehran responded, as it usually did in such situations, by calling on the leader of the Iranian Special Forces group, the KODS force. Bassam Ismaili was a semi-mythical figure, revered by the Iranians. Rumours of his presence abounded throughout the region wherever there was conflict, and he was equally at home on the battlefield or swimming the choppy waters of Iranian politics. Operating clandestinely, he simultaneously managed to get himself photographed wherever he went. Consequently, the intervention in Dafuqistan of Bassam’s KODS force was a secret known only to the entire Middle East.

The Mudarisun responded to the uprising by sending a force Westwards. Command was given to Abu Adnan Al-Shishani. Al-Shishani was unusual amongst the Mudarisun for two reasons, firstly he was a foreigner (a Chechen), and secondly he had all his body parts intact. He also possessed a distinctive ginger beard, which to Western analysts immediately conferred a mantle of military genius. Every successful Mudarisun plan was attributed to his cunning stratagems. This fame also meant that his death was announced in the media on a regular basis. In the last week alone claims of his killing were made by the CIA (via drone attack), the Chechen government (via a sniper) and British Gas (via a faulty boiler). The appearance of badly photoshopped images of ginger-bearded corpses across the internet notwithstanding, the very much alive Al-Shishani led his force towards the outskirts of Erat.

Bassam Ismaili brought his own highly-trained KODS force, along with some Iranian Shia militias to supplement the lower quality local insurgents. The Iranians also managed to press a few ex-Soviet T-55s into service.

Al-Shishani’s force was a mixed bag of Mudarisun veterans supplemented by less experienced fighters. He also had a brigade of foreign Al Qarus fighters along with some ex-Soviet armoured support and artillery.

The Mudarisun attacked the outskirts of Erat. One force supported by the armour would assault the crossroads and cut the Southern road, while a second force would seize the Eastern hill with their flank supported by a mobile group in Toyotas. For their part, the Erati locals sat tight and awaited Iranian support.

^ Bassam Ismaili relaxes by the pool with his media crew, and reflects that he’s found better options for palm trees now and should really get on and paint some.

^ The Mudarisun advance.

^ “No, that way!” Abu Adnan Al Shishani regrets that militia grade units really need to have the general attached to them.

^ HMGS, aggressive shot markers, move bonus markers and a morale boost, the Toyotas had it all.

^ Armoured warfare for Jihadists 101: Pack a load of people on a tank and drive it down a road past the cameras.

^ Taking no chances, the Erati militias put dug in markers on the walls of the buildings.

The Mudarisun advanced and became engaged in firefights with Erati militias near the crossroads to the South and in cover to the North. Suddenly the air was filled with the sounds of jet engines and subsequent explosions. Aircraft which were categorically not from the Iranian Air Force, as Iran had no presence in Dafuqistan, attacked the Mudarisun. At the same time, aircraft which were definitely not from the Punjabistan Air Force, as Punjabistan did not operate in Dafuqistan, attacked the Eratis. The result was that the Mudarisun broke and fled, already having had the worst of the firefight. Even the Eratis panicked and withdrew, with Ismaili himself trying to rally them.

^Mutual airstrikes cause much mayhem.

^ Iranian support arrives. The tank crew certainly won’t be afraid to use up an aggressive shot marker just to take out the opposing tank. . . . .

^ The Mudarisun fire first, pinning the Iranian tank with a blue counter.

To the South the Mudarisun made little headway against the entrenched defenders and eventually a relieving force of Iranian Shiah arrived with armoured support. The Iranian T-55 destroyed its Mudarisun counterpart and prepared to advance toward the crossroads.

^ The Mudarisun crew demonstrate typical Asiatic fatalism and no small degree of stoicism as their AFV explodes.

In the North the fleeing Erati militia were harried by the Mudarisun Toyotas, until eventually Ismaili gave up on them and abandoned them to their fate. The Al Qarus fighters had been sent to re-occupy the position held by the fleeing Mudarisun. However, the KODS force Iranians now appeared down the Northern road and advanced towards the important Eastern hill. The resulting exchange with the Al Qarus brigade demonstrated the difference in quality between the two, and the Arab fighters fled, leaving the KODS force to seize the hill. The Toyotas swept back towards the new threat as supporting artillery opened up on the KODS position. But it was all too late, the Iranian counterattack had succeeded.

^ Ismaili decides to find a less dangerous location for his post-match interview.

^KODS force special forces engage the Arab fighters.

^ Arab fighters decide that neither the buildings of Erat nor a trip to Paradise are particularly appealing.

^ Too late, the returning Toyotas try to intervene.

^ Now reinforced, the Iranians seize the crossroads.

The Mudarisun had failed to attack decisively enough early on, and had failed to seize and adequately garrison the key objectives, making the Iranian counterattack much easier than it should have been.

Another great game of AK47 Republic. For me as the Mudarisun, the game ended either one turn too early or one turn too late. Another turn would have seen both units on the objectives taking difficult morale checks, but there we are. Mike as the Eratis used his reinforcements to actually take the objectives, whereas I had been content to keep the enemy away from them. The game has lots of decisions to make in terms of allocating resources at the right time as well as the more usual tactical ones. And the variable game ending leads to some tense finales. A really good set of rules.

T-55s by Khurasan, Toyotas by Peter Pig. Figures by Flytrap, Khurasan, Flashpoint, Old Glory, MJ, Irregular and Rebel Minis.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional.

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