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There’s something about Mōri

Sengoku-Jidai with ‘To the Strongest.’ In 1571, the great Mōri Motonari died. Born into a small clan in Aki province, in a remarkable career he would lead the Mōri to become the dominant clan of Western Honshu. He was ably … Continue reading

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Fighting over a scrap of desert….

After getting some new guys painted up, I had a game this Tuesday with Gareth, or for this weeks game Ptolemy.  And let me tell you, what would have been a tale of woe and despair for my Carthaginians, if … Continue reading

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Somewhere in Outremer with ‘To the Strongest.’

Fatimid Egyptian vs. Seljuk Turks Another game of ‘To the Strongest’ at the club. Between games of TtS and ‘Poor Bloody Infantry’ the club tape measures lie rusting in the cupboard. This time it was my Fatimid Egyptians against Al’s … Continue reading

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Upon the Spanish plains

Once more I continue delving into the World of Ancients Wargaming, taking my Carthaginians to the field once more against Al’s Romans using “To the Strongest.”  Unfortunately, I haven’t had that much time to paint since the last game, and … Continue reading

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