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The Battle of Kilmister Cross, 1460

Being a Wars of the Roses game using ‘A Coat of Steel’ rules by Perfect Captain. Lancastrian and Yorkist forces clashed near the church of St. Lemuel at Kilmister Cross. The Lancastrians were commanded by the Duke of Somerset and … Continue reading

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Fatimids versus Seljuks with To The Strongest

A follow-up to our last run-out of the Crusades armies with ‘To the Strongest’ rules. Once again it was my Fatimids against Al’s Seljuk Turks. This time we had new terrain tiles, of which more later. Suffice to say we had … Continue reading

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The Invasion of Italy Begins…

I had another game against Al on Tuesday, it was good to get the Carthaginians out in the field again.   This time it was with Phil Sabin’s Lost battle set of rules where we pieced together enough cavalry for the … Continue reading

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