6mm Sengoku: First battle.

So, finally I had enough 6mm samurai and terrain for a game. The rules used were a version of “Pulse of Battle,” Brent Oman’s ancients rules. Each unit represents around 1,000 to 2,000 men which are assumed to be a mix of smaller sub-units. Examples of such sizes of formations that I’ve seen from the period include all the usual wargames troop types in some proportion. I’m not convinced that pursuing the traditional way of separating a Sengoku army into units of samurai, ashigaru, cavalry etc is the way to go with units that represent more than a couple of hundred men. So there are no separate units of ‘samurai spears,’ or ‘ashigaru teppo’ or ‘samurai cavalry.’ All units are assumed to have these as its component parts, so all units have some firing capability etc. I’d also converted the rules to work on a square grid. This was partly because I might want to have variable unit sizes in the future, but mainly because these days I prefer grids to tape measures. As it’s a Pulse of Battle variant, the game was also card driven and used the full set of polyhedral dice. So that’s grids, cards and funny dice all in one game. The bases used for each unit in this game are entirely arbitrary, each 5 base unit is the same regardless of the troop types it may contain.

You can click on the images to zoom in.

The Oda deployed in foreground. The Mori advance in the background.

Maeda Toshiie with some Hashiba troops march past a shrine:

View from the Oda left:

The Oda centre. The Mori appear on the horizon

Mori Terumoto in his honjin, surrounded by Mori troops.

Kobayakawa clan arrive on the Mori left.

As Maeda and Kobayakawa fight over the bridge, Oda Nobutada leads his men forward.

Fierce fighting as Maeda drive back the Kobayakawa

A lull in the fighting as the Kobayakawa fall back to regroup

Meanwhile, in the centre, The Mori main force attack the Oda centre. Oda teppo open fire.

Maeda gains the upper hand against Kobayakawa and force them from the field.

With the Kobayakawa routed, Maeda turns on the Kikkawa in the Mori centre. The Oda advance and the Mori collapse:

All in all a good game which we both enjoyed. I might end up with a set that moves away from the Pulse of Battle ‘engine’ eventually. I think I’d like to be able to combine multiple unit melees into one large combat, but in the meantime the Pulse of Battle version is working OK.


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6 Responses to 6mm Sengoku: First battle.

  1. Looks great! What size bases did you use for the honjin by the way?

  2. James Manto says:

    WOW! Looks really impressive. I am intrigued by your take on organizing the troops. Each base looks very attractive and you seem to really capture the ‘look’ of the battles as depicted in Japanese art.

  3. Prufrock says:

    Beautiful figures and terrain.

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