The Worm has Turned!

We have recently started meeting at the club again, but given the current wrld wide predicament with far more cleaning than ever before! During the interrim, I got the bit between my teeth and ended up with a 15mm science-fiction project, and it was finally able to see the table top using the Tomorrow’s War ruleset by Ambush Alley games. We got a couple of games in, and it gave me plenty to think about for future scenarios.

The Diet of Worms

Set in an arbitrary date in the future, lets say… The year 2221, Mankind has spread its wings and moved out into the stars. So far, there has been little evidence of intelligent alien life, but plenty of extraterrestial flora and fauna to be observed, studied and eventually exploited. Much of the settlement outside of planets already suited to human life, or those that were worth terraforming of course, has been left to Corporate and private enterprises. With the distances involved, these “outer” planets and colonies have a reputation for border skirmishes and lawlessness. One such planet, is that of Amazonia Prime, where our story begins. With a hostile atmosphere, survival suits and hard suit armour are a must for travelling the surface, but a wealth of flora and mineral deposits make the planet worth some investment.

A flyby shows the survey site to be undamaged…..

A Survey team studying mineral deposits went out of contact, not altogether surprising with the hostile atmosphere and the reliability of equipment on the frontier. A security team was dispatched to make contact and find out what assistance was needed. It was expected to be a routine run. Drive out there… make contact, drive back. The Team consisted of 8 men, one dog, and their transport. The Journey out there was uneventful, and confident that they were dealing with a broken radio or other technical failure, the security team drove straight into the midst of the survey base.

The Security team was not accounting for the native fauna….

What followed, was a short, panicked engagement. The Security team was ambushed by a species of worm like predators, who swarmed them almost immediately after they had disembarked from the transport. Two men, and the Dog survived, and whilst they were not able to determine the exact fate of the survey team…. the fate of the rest of the security team was all to clear. Miraculously though, the two surviving men, had managed to capture a live specimen…. and brought it back with them for future study…..

I hope I’m getting paid for this….

The incident with the worms has lead to an increase of security assets on Amazonia Prime and the exploitation of unique materials on the planet has led to an increase of revenue. Corporate rivals have taken interest however, and a Mercenary unit was sent to the planet to find out just what was going on upon the surface of Amazonia Prime.

Mercenary Forces with their armoured support move through Alien fauna.

Deciding that the quickest way to find out what was happening on the planet, the Mercenaries launch an attack on a research base on the planet, hoping to overrun the facility, take what they could from the facilities computers and then bug out before a larger response could be gathered. The local security managed to get prior warning however, and were ready to give the Mercenaries a warm welcome.

As the mercenaries came into view, a rocket streaked out of one of the buildings and the explosion disabled the main gun of one of the mercenaries APC’s. Their player breathed a sigh of relief, for with the mercs trying to take the place intact, they were penalised in victory points for each turn a main gun fired. The Mercenaries returned fire, and began the process of clearing the buildings ahead of their advance.

Mercenaries manage to make it to the compound, but the fighting is heavy…

Initially, things looked good for the mercenaries. They fought their way into the building that they initially thought was a hab block of some kind. Upon entering however, they found it to instead be a research lab, and a combination of clumsiness and earlier gunfire led to a sample escaping, severely wounding one of the Mercenaries. The Blaring alarms of “Biological Containment Breached!” lead the mercenary force to be somewhat less eager in their assault.

With the Mercenaries faltering, the security forces were able to regain some of the initiative. Attempting to launch a few counterattacks, and managing to disable one of the APC’s that had been providing supporting fire. On the Mercenaries came however, outflanking the Command centre, and removing the Anti-tank teams as a threat. As the security forces moved to counter this latest development however, the escaped sample… The worm captured in last game made a reappearence, taken vengeance on one of his captors before slithering off once again.

“I remember you!”

However, their final vehicle breaking down, and the attack faltering, it was celar the Mercenaries were not going to be able to secure their objectives, and so withdrew, forced to abandon their vehicles as they fled, leaving the Corporate security to count their wounded and patch up the many bullet holes in their prefab buildings.

Thoughts on the game:

The first game was rather short, and I think in future I will probably avoid one side being completely without a ranged attack as it seemed a little all or nothing for my tastes. The worms however, will make a return in one form or another though, mostly as I have the models painted.

The second scenario was more or less one from the book, and it certainly seems a difficult one for the attacker. The Fog of War cards add a delightful level of randomness to the game, and I think the Mercenaries drawing the “Gas Gas Gas!” card was one of the main deciding features of the game, for it reduced their troop quality from d8 to d6, making everything so much more difficult for them. I look forward to getting all of these guys out again in the future. Looks like the next scenario will have the Mercenaries on the back foot, perhaps awaiting extraction.

Tomorrow’s War is a great game and I would recommend it, the science fiction setting adds a LOT of choices, thoughts, and possibilities for scenarios which I shall write up in the future.

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