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Taranovka 1942. A ‘Rommel’ game.

After a few generic scenarios of Rommel, we decided to have a go at a historical scenario. This is a conversion from a Panzer Korps scenario “Russian Steel at Kharkov.” On the southern axis of the Soviet Kharkov offensive, the … Continue reading

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6mm bases for Rommel part 2

In the previous post, HERE , I described various ways to do bases for 6mm WW2. Now I thought I’d go through the process of making the bases from start to finish. These being some Soviet cavalry bases, and 2 smaller 40mm … Continue reading

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6mm bases for Rommel

When we decided to do 6mm WW2 in advance of Sam Mustafa’s Rommel rules being published, my first criterion was that the tank bases would have to have 2 or more vehicles on them. I really didn’t like the way … Continue reading

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Rommel: Breakout

Having played two games of ‘Rommel,’ we’d pretty much got the hang of the basics. For our third try we played the ‘Breakout’ scenario, with a German force attempting to exit the opposite end of the table before Soviet forces … Continue reading

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Modelling Sengoku-Jidai Warfare.

Is the standard approach to wargaming the Sengoku Jidai fundamentally flawed? Wargames rules approach the Sengoku Jidai (note 1) period of Japanese warfare in much the same way as any other period, in that units are grouped by weapon type … Continue reading

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6mm samurai village base

A step-by-step guide to making a Japanese village base in 6mm. The finished base.   A 10cm square mdf base, with 3 of Mura Miniatures Japanese buildings. The low fence is made from plastic sweeping brush bristles inserted into holes drilled … Continue reading

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6mm Sengoku: First battle.

So, finally I had enough 6mm samurai and terrain for a game. The rules used were a version of “Pulse of Battle,” Brent Oman’s ancients rules. Each unit represents around 1,000 to 2,000 men which are assumed to be a … Continue reading

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