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6mm Sengoku: First battle.

So, finally I had enough 6mm samurai and terrain for a game. The rules used were a version of “Pulse of Battle,” Brent Oman’s ancients rules. Each unit represents around 1,000 to 2,000 men which are assumed to be a … Continue reading

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6mm Paddy Fields.

A quick guide to making 6mm rice paddies. The fields are based on 10cm square mdf. First, some peasants are glued to the base. These are GHQ 1/285 Vietnamese civilians, the closest thing I could find to Japanese peasants. Then … Continue reading

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6mm Sengoku: Progress

Previously I talked about starting a 6mm Sengoku Jidai project. Now that things have progressed I thought I’d talk a bit about progress with the figures, some thoughts on rules and also some terrain. Rules There aren’t that many rulesets … Continue reading

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6mm Sengoku

A few years ago I started a large Sengoku-Jidai project in 15mm. I decided to organise them for Peter Pig’s ‘Battles in the Age of War’ rules, but using 5 figures per base instead of 3. This meant that the … Continue reading

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Getting to grips with 6mm: overcoming scale-aversion.

6mm is a great scale. It’s about the smallest figure scale you can have and still retain individual detail on the models and you also get a much closer relationship between figure scale and ground scale. Back in the day … Continue reading

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The Muj of Sariya Ba

Hot off the press is Peter Pig’s new set of Vietnam rules “The Men of Company B.” I thought I’d get a copy to see if they’d work for the Soviet-Afghan war, hence the strange title of this post. More … Continue reading

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The Battle of Aumar-i-Sharif

An AK47 Republic Game All was not well in the United Republic of Dafuqistan. The Arab Spring had inspired demonstrations against the authoritarian government, which had responded with a brutal crackdown on all dissent. Peaceful protest rapidly escalated into armed … Continue reading

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