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Sengoku Jidai with Tenkatoitsu.

With the rebasing done, it was time to have another go at Tenkatoitsu, to nail down some of the movement distance conversions and get more of a feel for the game. Again, nothing too elaborate in terms of a scenario, … Continue reading

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On Crusade with ‘To the Strongest’

I finished a Frankish Crusader army using the excellent Legio Heroica figures some time ago, but they’d never seen action on the battlefield. Finally I got to take them out of their box and get them on the table. The … Continue reading

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6mm Sengoku Jidai battle with ‘Tenkatoitsu’

Since starting my Sengoku Jidai project a few years ago, first in 15mm and now in 6mm, I’ve been searching for a set of rules that could convincingly model Sengoku warfare. I talked a bit about why I think the … Continue reading

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6mm Japanese village bases for Sengoku Jidai

I wrote about making a 6mm Japanese village base with some Mura Miniatures buildings before. I finally got around to making some more.The ‘ingredients.’ Some Mura Miniatures buildings, though the one second from left in the back row is by Castle … Continue reading

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Wild West Wales: A Flying Lead game

“I walked around in Bristol town a bitter broken man A heart that pined for Carrie Brown and a pistol in my hand We met again on state street poor Billy Wise and me I shot him in Penally and … Continue reading

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Taranovka 1942. A ‘Rommel’ game.

After a few generic scenarios of Rommel, we decided to have a go at a historical scenario. This is a conversion from a Panzer Korps scenario “Russian Steel at Kharkov.” On the southern axis of the Soviet Kharkov offensive, the … Continue reading

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6mm bases for Rommel part 2

In the previous post, HERE , I described various ways to do bases for 6mm WW2. Now I thought I’d go through the process of making the bases from start to finish. These being some Soviet cavalry bases, and 2 smaller 40mm … Continue reading

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