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6mm samurai village base

A step-by-step guide to making a Japanese village base in 6mm. The finished base.   A 10cm square mdf base, with 3 of Mura Miniatures Japanese buildings.┬áThe low fence is made from plastic sweeping brush bristles inserted into holes drilled … Continue reading

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6mm Paddy Fields.

A quick guide to making 6mm rice paddies. The fields are based on 10cm square mdf. First, some peasants are glued to the base. These are GHQ 1/285 Vietnamese civilians, the closest thing I could find to Japanese peasants. Then … Continue reading

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“Al-Madina” – A 15mm Middle Eastern town

This is the beginning of a project to build a fairly generic Middle-Eastern town. The focus will be around Crusades era, but many of the buildings should be usable up to modern era. The idea is to try and add … Continue reading

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