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6mm Japanese village bases for Sengoku Jidai

I wrote about making a 6mm Japanese village base with some Mura Miniatures buildings¬†before. I finally got around to making some more.The ‘ingredients.’ Some Mura Miniatures buildings, though the one second from left in the back row is by Castle … Continue reading

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6mm bases for Rommel

When we decided to do 6mm WW2 in advance of Sam Mustafa’s Rommel rules being published, my first criterion was that the tank bases would have to have 2 or more vehicles on them. I really didn’t like the way … Continue reading

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6mm samurai village base

A step-by-step guide to making a Japanese village base in 6mm. The finished base.   A 10cm square mdf base, with 3 of Mura Miniatures Japanese buildings.¬†The low fence is made from plastic sweeping brush bristles inserted into holes drilled … Continue reading

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6mm Paddy Fields.

A quick guide to making 6mm rice paddies. The fields are based on 10cm square mdf. First, some peasants are glued to the base. These are GHQ 1/285 Vietnamese civilians, the closest thing I could find to Japanese peasants. Then … Continue reading

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“Al-Madina” – A 15mm Middle Eastern town

This is the beginning of a project to build a fairly generic Middle-Eastern town. The focus will be around Crusades era, but many of the buildings should be usable up to modern era. The idea is to try and add … Continue reading

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