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The Worm has Turned!

We have recently started meeting at the club again, but given the current wrld wide predicament with far more cleaning than ever before! During the interrim, I got the bit between my teeth and ended up with a 15mm science-fiction … Continue reading

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Boshin War: Plans and Schemes

Hello! Not a lot of games around here at the moment for obvious reasons, but I for one have managed to maintain my interest in wargaming, mostly with plans, schemes and painting for future games. You could say I mean … Continue reading

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Advance to Contact

Scenario taken from Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 105 played using Chain of Command, Scenario 5 Its April 1945, a sleepy hamlet on the German border is in the path of the advancing British. An ad-hoc platoon of Volksturm has been … Continue reading

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Desert Debut

What feels like many moons ago I started a Desert force for Flames of War when I was still playing in preparation for which, I bought (or was given) a shedload of Italians and so painting began. I usually play … Continue reading

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The Invasion of Italy Begins…

I had another game against Al on Tuesday, it was good to get the Carthaginians out in the field again.   This time it was with Phil Sabin’s Lost battle set of rules where we pieced together enough cavalry for the … Continue reading

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The Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary Game at WASP

Following on from our earlier ‘official’ 200th Anniversary Waterloo Refight at Narberth Museum on 18th June, we packed everything up and transported it down to the Wargames Association of South Pembrokeshire at Pembroke Dock for a ‘proper’ game over … Continue reading

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‘Saracen’ crusades flags

Some flags I’ve recently done for crusades. There is NO historical basis for these whatsoever, they’re just a mix of design elements. You should be able to right-click the image and ‘Save as.’

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