Saga of Invercockaleekie rules and Player briefings

This scenario was designed for 4 players: 1 Scots, 1 Normans and 2 Vikings. The scenario should be adaptable to other armies. The table is 5′ x 4′, with a village in the middle. The village should be 5-8 buildings, or if buildings aren’t available, fields etc. Put the buildings fairly close together so it’s easy for players to block exits from the village. You’ll need counters or other markers to represent loot, 1 marker per building, 2 markers for the Laird’s house.

Each building is defended by 4 warriors (who roll 1 die per 2 figs in melee) and contains 1 loot token. One building is the Laird’s house and contains 2 loot tokens representing the year’s tribute for the Thane. It is defended by 4 warriors and 1 Hearthguard (the Laird), split dice when attacking them in the same way as with Warlords. If houses are attacked and the defenders lose they retreat out of the building as normal and any loot is automatically taken by the winners. The militia figures who have been ejected from the houses can be moved by the umpire when the Scots player moves, just use them to keep the action going where necessary.
Each player sets up within L of a table corner. Probably a 5pt warband each is ideal. Scots and Normans on one side of the table, Vikings on the other. Give each player their briefing, then the players set up. Play starts with the senior Viking player, then the Scots, then the other Viking, then the Normans.

Units beginning their move carrying Loot move at ‘S’ rate. Saga abilities may not increase this speed, though the rest of the ability, if any, happens as written.

A unit carrying loot may drop it at any point in their move. A unit that ends its move adjacent to a loot marker may pick it up.

If a unit carrying loot is defeated in melee, the loot is captured by the winner.
Warlords are not obligated to attack other Warlords within range when they move, they may always move freely.

Warlords may only communicate with one another if they are within L of each other, and a clear line can be drawn between them unobstructed by terrain or units. They can only communicate when it isn’t either of their turns (just to keep things moving).

Each building in the village is defended by 4 warriors (roll 1 melee die per 2 figs) and contain 1 Mark (loot token) per building. One of the buildings is the Laird’s residence. The Laird’s building is defended by 1 Hearthguard (The Laird) and 4 warriors(roll 1 melee die per 2 figs). It contains 2 Marks (the tribute). Before the game the Umpire points out the Laird’s house to the Scots player only. Defenders are played by the Umpire, if they are ejected from buildings they leave the loot behind. All are armed with general melee weapons and are just there to get in people’s way and/or keep the action going.

Any ability that lets you move through friends only applies to the figures in your own warband.

Scenario lasts 6 turns. Lead Viking player first, then Scots, then other Viking player, then Normans.

If Snorri is dead, and Ketil’s men attack one of his units, tell the Snorri player that he may also attack any of Ketil’s units that are carrying loot.

For line of sight purposes, sight is blocked by ANY unit that doesn’t belong to you, even if they are on the same side.



You have recently become the Thane of Glenhoddle. Your father was a notorious spendthrift, he owned 2 pairs of shoes, put sugar in his porridge and once a year would buy his hearthguards a drink. Not each, of course, that would be going too far. Anyway, the coffers are a little light these days and some of your subjects are being a little stingy on the taxes. You have therefore resolved to travel to the village of Invercockaleekie and accept the yearly tribute from the Laird. With you are your Norman mercenaries commanded by Robert the Bastard (he’s not illegitimate, he’s just not very nice). They’ve been moaning about not being paid, so half the tribute can be given to them to keep them happy. There are reports of Viking raiders in the area, so you’re bringing your retinue with you.

Objective: Get the tribute from the Laird (2 marks worth). Protect the village from any Viking raiders.

You may not attack the villagers. You may attack any Vikings. You may attack any of your mercenaries that are carrying loot outside of a building, but only those that are carrying loot.

ROBERT THE BASTARD, Lord of Avlanches.

You are currently in exile from your ancestral lands. Your sobriquet has nothing to do with being illegitimate, you’re just not very popular at home. You are currently a mercenary in service to Angus McOatup, Thane of Glenhoddle. It’s not a very pleasant experience, it’s cold, wet and the locals eat horse-food. And you haven’t been paid for months. You are currently escorting the Thane on an expedition to get tribute from a village that the Thane owns. There are Vikings in the area so trouble is likely.

This should be a good opportunity to get some money. It might be a good idea to wait for the Vikings to attack the village, then if you find any valuables lying around, take them. If you see Vikings carrying loot, take it off them. If your employer’s men are carrying loot, maybe you could move your men so they can’t move through you, and let the Vikings attack them, then you can take the loot off the Vikings.

Objective: Grab as much cash as possible.

You may not attack  the villagers. You may pick up loot from unoccupied buildings. You may attack Vikings. You may ‘accidentally’ attack Scots who are carrying loot, but not if any other Scots have line of sight to them. Even if your men are attacked by Scots, you may still only initiate melee with this restriction.


You are the eldest son of Grim Grimsson, Jarl of Grimsby. It’s a grim place. So is Scotland, where you are currently raiding. You are in the vicinity of the village of Invercockaleekie and have decided to sack, burn and pillage the place. With you is your useless younger brother, Ketil. You really don’t want him getting more glory than you, so make sure you get more loot than him. Remember that you can use your men to block his troops, as they can’t move through you.

Objective: Attack the village, carry off as much loot as possible. Get more loot than your brother, Ketil

You may attack any Scots, Normans or Villagers.


You are the younger son of Grim Grimsson, Jarl of Grimsby. It’s a grim place. So is Scotland, where you are currently raiding. You are with your useless elder brother, Snorri. He has a scheme to attack some village and get enough loot to impress your father. Of course, if you were to amass more loot than him, then that would be more impressive. It’d be nice if Snorri accidentally got himself killed, then you would stand to inherit. Obviously, you can’t do it yourself but you could use your men to block him off from his own men and let the Scots kill him for you.

Objective: Amass more loot than Snorri. If he doesn’t survive, so much the better.

You may attack any Scots, Normans or Villagers. If Snorri is dead, you may attack any of his units that are carrying loot, but only those with loot, and ONLY if Snorri is dead.

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